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Corporate Printing

We do it every time to ensure any project you undertake, whether it’s direct mail campaign, company newsletters or custom packaging that really wows.

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Offset Printing

Our Presstek DI press ensures that your images will be colour accurate and crystal clear from the first image to the last. The Presstek system is also more environmentally friendly than a conventional, chemistry-based 4 colour press so the environmental footprint is relatively small.

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Digital Printing

Digital Printing carries a slightly higher cost per page than offset printing, but digital printing does not involve heavy setup charges. This results in significant savings, if you only want to print a small quantity of pieces.

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Printing Services

Today’s advanced printing techniques and specialty papers make it easy to achieve true-to-life colors, touchable textures and compelling “must-open” formats. Whether you need quick and easy printing of the basics or specialized printing techniques for more complex pieces, Super Printers delivers with speed, precision and quality.

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Design Services

We have over 20 years of printing experience and we can help you get the most out of your printed material. The right fonts, the best colour palette and careful attention to the words make your campaign materials more powerful.

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Marketing Services

Communicate the value of your business with our online and direct marketing solutions. Having a strategic approach, a solid understanding of your target audience and the right mix of message and channels is the foundation for effective marketing.

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Latest News

Super Printers vs. The Competition

It's a new year, which means new marketing materials to make 2015 more profitable than 2014. Over the holidays, maybe...

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Five Ways to Make Your Marketing Materials Last

The best way to get more value for your marketing budget is to make your marketing materials last longer. If you have...

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Holiday Mailing Deadlines

Our team has just finished up Super Printer's Christmas Cards and dropped them into the mail, beating the holiday mailing...

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